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an experienced, patient and passionate relief vet?

hello and welcome

I’m Dr. Rachel Mayfield

I’m a friendly and responsible relief veterinarian serving Virginia. I have 3.5 years of experience in emergency and general practice.

As a veterinarian in the U.S. Army, I:

  • completed additional training in trauma and behavior
  • gained extensive experience in general practice
  • provided emergency care for military dogs
  • gained soft tissue surgery experience

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If you have any questions, contact me.

I work with

dogs, cats and ruminants.

I’m ready to help you with:

  • appointments / consultations
  • routine soft tissue surgeries
  • dentals and extractions
  • sedated procedures

details for you:

Licenses, insurance and more

1. Virginia state license
2. Professional liability insurance
3. Health insurance
4. American Veterinary Medical Association membership


1. Undergraduate degree: Mississippi State University
2. Veterinary degree: Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Complete resume

You can access my resume by clicking this link.

Surgeries offered

Spay, neuter, gastropexy, cystotomy, splenectomy and more. Please consult with me before scheduling.

Cancellation policy

I understand that sometimes circumstances change and your practice has fluctuating needs. Any cancellations made 30 days prior to the booked date will not incur a fee. However, cancellations made within 30 days of the agreed upon schedule will levy a 50% charge (ex. 4 hours billed for 8 hours scheduled) per day unless that date is re-booked. A good faith effort will be made to re-book any cancelled dates.

your trust is everything

I care about the people at your practice, too.

I know how important your business is. That’s why I prioritize:

  • keeping your trusted team happy
  • treating owners with respect and courtesy
  • comforting your patients as I do my pets
  • respecting your protocols and standards


I’m proud to share these testimonials

“Multiple clients have expressed their gratitude for Dr. Mayfield and she kept excellent records and provided excellent care to my clients.”

Dr. Mayfield is great! She covered for me while I was unexpectedly confined to my home. I am the only veterinarian in my practice and my clinic would have closed for two weeks if it weren’t for Dr. Mayfield! Right away, she worked well with my staff. Dr. Mayfield is my go-to if I ever need another relief veterinarian!

Christan Stager, DVM, DACVP (clinic owner)

“Dr. Mayfield is a kind, hardworking, and knowledgeable veterinarian.”

She works tirelessly for her patients and clients. Her compassion for her patients, clients, and teammates makes her a valued asset to the veterinary profession.

Marc Knobbe, DVM (supervising veterinarian)

get in touch

I’d love to support the team at your practice

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You can also email me at rachel@trustedvetally.com.

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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extras for you

One of my biggest dreams is:
to support and care for canine veterans. One day I’d like to set up an organization dedicated to helping these courageous dogs with their veterinary needs.
I was on a radio show in Uganda because:

I was answering questions from callers with veterinary questions. This was part of a study abroad program I completed during veterinary school (and also the reason I have that awesome photo working on a lion). The radio program was a great way to help people who we were unable to visit physically. Helping those in need is one of my biggest passions.

One of my favorite parts of vet med is:
behavior. In the army, I completed a behavior short course with an amazing specialist (Desiree Broach, MS, DVM, DACVB). I learned so much about cats and dogs, and even some tips and tricks for exotics. We covered behavioral medications, supplements and behavior modification training.
One of my most memorable experiences in Haiti was:

providing veterinary services for those who desperately needed help. I performed vaccinations, deworming, spays, neuters, and treatment for a variety of medical conditions.

In addition to "veterinarian," I've held the positions of:

milk hand and cheerleader! They both involve being extremely active and energetic in very different ways. With the cows, I felt good knowing I was helping prevent disease by keeping their environments sanitary. My favorite part of cheerleading was the competition aspect. I love that cheerleading offers individual work ethic and teamwork to be successful.

I spend my weekends:

relaxing outside around a grill and a fire, watching football, or having outdoor adventures. I love hiking, biking, kayaking and of course, spending quality time with my awesome dogs, Ashlan, Kira and Nani.